Ye Olde Bud – John St

Some background on the Bud!

PJ Murray came to Holyoke as an investor and built a distillery onto the tavern during the mid-1800s. Around the turn of the century, the Murrays no longer made a profit at distilling whisky and became importers, wholesalers and distributions. In 1913, the whole ground floor was opened as a tavern known as the Bud, in honor of the fact that PJ had become the first area distributor of Budweiser Beer for Anheuser-Busch. Prohibition closed the first floor of the tavern, but a speakeasy, stocked with PJs own liquor, remained open. It was rigged with flashing lights to warn patrons of impending raids and escape routes through passageways behinds fireplaces on each floor. In the 1980s, the Bud was still a quaint turn of the century bar in the tradition of an Irish and English Pub. Legend says the ghost of PJ Murray haunts the building.

Although the structure is vacant, 30 John Street is on Holyoke Historic Inventory and a possible candidate for restoration or adaptive reuse.